Sunday, January 16, 2005

Home Alone

I am home alone for two days. It doesn’t happen often. Daniel is back in Tucson at law school. David is driving Rachel and all her stuff back to Boston.

In some ways it is nice to reclaim our house after the kids trashed it in numerous ways. I spent the first two hours of my time alone carrying out garbage and cleaning out the refrigerator – moving all of Rachel’s special ingredients either to the downstairs refrigerator or the garbage can – doing laundry, cleaning the gunk off the counters. But then it was done. Things were all clean again and everything was so totally QUIET. No more boombox, cell phones ringing, random things being cooked with the dirty dishes often left in the sink.

Being alone also makes me acutely aware of how electronically challenged I am. I have never bothered to learn how to learn how to use any of the remote-driven devices in our home entertainment center. I had to call Rachel on her cell phone to ask how to play a cassette tape! I’m usually content with being able to do e-mail and use the Internet. I typically just listen to everyone else’s music.

If given the choice, I would probably prefer having Daniel and Rachel home, even if it means unwanted noise at night, more garbage, piles of laundry in different states everywhere, and random dishes and glasses sitting here and there. I long ago learned that a clean house doesn’t really make you happy!

Fortunately David comes home on Tuesday. So for now Dylan and Jake will have to keep me company.


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