Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Around

This is my trusty rental Giant bike. I ride it to practice music. I ride it to yoga class every morning. I ride it to the concert hall. I ride it every place I can because it is so much easier than walking for me.

There are actually bike riders of all ages. Riding a bicycle here could not be safer because the few motorized vehicles allowed on the grounds must yield to everything else.

I look around Chautauqua and realize we are probably younger than the average age. Because of the number of older people here, there are many options for getting around.

There are buses.

There are trams.

And there are motorized scooters.

I like being among the bicyclists because it makes me feel more mobile and less old. But when walking is the only option, I am now using a Leki walking stick with a little rubber foot on the end. It doesn't give me tremendous speed, but it does give me better balance.

It is, however, reassuring to know there are so many other options so that when my days of riding a bike are over, I can still come to this lovely place and enjoy a week or two of cultural stimulation.

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Location:Chautauqua, NY

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Captive of Cabin 59

Once again we have gone away to adult summer camp, entering the no-bad-news grounds of Chautauqua. This is the view of our neighbors' front porch, much like ours with its stars and stripes flying. Last night we were greeted by sunny skies and a nice breeze that turned into a rather frightening thunderstorm around 7 AM.

Thinking the rain had abated, around 10 this morning I rode my trusty rental bike over to practice the piano for a while in cabin #59, where I will spend quite a few hours this week. My optimism about the weather made me forget to take a rain poncho, an umbrella, or even a plastic bag to protect my music.

Midway through my hour I looked outside to find what seemed like never-ending rain. I glanced around my renovated practice cabin with its shiny Steinway, air-conditioning, and windows that no longer had to be propped open with big sticks.

But even with all those amenities, I eventually wanted to go home. I called my husband on the cell phone I luckily did have with me and he walked over to rescue me with all the rain gear I had neglected to bring, including a towel for my very wet bike seat.

This afternoon the sun is once again out and our thoughts are turning to dinner. I went in search of a beautiful patch of wild mint we had discovered 2 years ago. I finally found it on dead-end Bliss Street. It will lend an Italian touch to the CSA zucchini that is on our dinner menu. I delivered the mint and prepped the kale and zucchini. Someone else will make dinner and perhaps I will help clean up before we head out to an evening of Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
It's great to be back in this place we have grown to love!
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Location:Chautauqua, NY