Saturday, April 02, 2011

Winding Down

Ten days into any trip, I tend to need a break. This morning we decided to forego the walking tour of the earliest neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and join the group later in the morning for a visit to art galleries guided by a young Israeli artist. The photo above is of a tee shirt I bought at the Gutman Gallery. His work tends to be very optimistic and colorful.

As we walked to our second gallery, I suddenly found myself in the Confederacy. I didn't even want to know why in the world this person was flying such a flag.

We returned to our hotel to find a lively scene on the beach. There was beach volleyball, sailing, and even line-dancing. It was sunny and breezy and an absolutely perfect day to enjoy the beach.

Tonight we took a cab down to Old Jaffa, a city mentioned in the Bible. I had the best grilled fish I had ever eaten -- a Mediterranean fish called Denise. Back on the street for a mango gelato before going home to pack once again.

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Location:Tel Aviv


Blogger bulletholes said...

That is odd, seeing a CSA Flag in Israel. But you have to admit- it is a handsome flag.
Hi barb!

5:28 PM  

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