Thursday, January 20, 2005

Knitting Is a Humbling Experience

I have always been able to do just about anything having to do with sewing and needles easily and without a whole lot of effort. So after my recent knitting workshop, I went out and bought a book and yarn and needles, determined to make a pair of warm wool socks. I don’t think my 2-hour workshop prepared me for the intricacies of this project.

I have now started over 5 times and, although in this last attempt I was able to complete 2 rows, the end result is a pitiful mess of colorful yarn that in no way resembles the top of a sock. The sad truth is that this was supposed to be the easy part. There are the matters of the heel and toe which look far more challenging in the pictures. So I humbled myself and called the person who did the workshop and begged a lesson just to get me jump started.

I haven’t yet experienced the therapeutic effect of knitting that in any way matched the wonderful feeling of knitting in front of a roaring fire while drinking hot apple cider. The good news is that I was able to put the knitting down, save it for another day. I don’t know if this patience or just avoidance.

Sometimes it is good to get a lesson in humility. I will now have an even greater admiration for those who make the beautiful cabled sweaters, the really big stuff. Especially when I see that even the little stuff is not so easy.


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