Thursday, March 03, 2005

I Confess... I'm Addicted

To Starbucks skim lattes. Guess it could be worse...

A couple of months ago I stopped into a Starbucks and bought a short skim latte. First of all, Starbucks doesn’t even advertize that they have SHORT anythings, but they do! I think it just means that you pay more per ounce and get less milk, but it sounded like the most economical thing to do. It was so cold outside at the time. And the hot foamy espresso really tasted so good. Besides I get high just on the smell of caffeine in any Starbucks. So I savored my latte.

Then a few days later I had another. Well, now it has become a daily treat on the way to work. I’m still sticking to SHORT skim lattes. I now have a Starbucks card that works like a debit card. I no longer have to count out the 59 cents (plus $2 of course) each time.

I used to deride those people who depended on their Starbucks fix to prime them for the day. Now I have joined them. I even find myself thinking about my latte during the final minutes of my mindful meditation on Monday and Friday mornings. That’s a big departure from focusing on breathing.

So am I looking for a way to stop? I don’t think so. At my place in life, I think I deserve to look forward to a daily latte. Besides, I just heard that the Japanese did a huge study that showed that drinking coffee daily greatly reduces the incidence of liver and colon cancer. So there! You can take your 12-step path to decaf and stuff it!


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