Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tapping to a Different Tune

After my tap dance experience in Florida, I came back and searched for a class here at home. I called Arlington Center for Dance, since Rachel had gone there and it was close by. They just happened to have a Beginner I class offered at a time that was good for me. So I went out and bought the shoes at Stein’s. I even told my friend Diane, who is also interested in taking up tap dancing.

We showed up for class and paid our one-time-visitor fee. I expected to see a class of people about my age who were ready to shuffle-ball-step to “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.” Instead the class was filled with 20-somethings who were ready to do tap aerobics. Diane and I lasted for maybe 25 minutes, while we feebly attempted the heel-toe contortions to the definitely disco music. It wasn’t even because we had missed the first 8 classes of the semester. It just was not the tap experience I was looking for. Furthermore, my knees are complaining today that I need something a little slower with lower impact.

I thought longingly of Betty and the seniors in Florida and wondered where I was going to find this same experience here in the Washington metro area. I would even be willing to pay more than the $4 Betty charges. So Diane and I are on the lookout for a class for 50-somethings who are just looking to have fun to some soft-shoe music...


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