Monday, August 29, 2005

More Music and Face Time with a Real Author

Last evening was filled with luxurious moments I really enjoyed so much. Ever since I returned from Chautauqua, I have been wanting to hear the Telemann sonata with all four parts. I put together a quartet made up of Liz (flute), Nancy (violin), and of course Deborah (bass). We played through it several times, carefully working through the more difficult sections and reminding myself of those places that still need some work. It was incredibly beautiful. Liz is every bit as good as Roz, our flautist at Chatauqua, was.

We then played through 3 pieces from the Claude Bolling Suite for Flute and Piano, which also includes bass and drums. We don’t have anyone to play drums yet, but we had the other 3. WOW – Is it ever fun to play jazz, where rhythms are just what you make them to be. This piece is incredibly hard for me, so I will have to work and work to make it even come anywhere close to the recording I am addicted to. But it’s the kind of piece that you really look forward to practicing.

It was my turn to choose a book for our couples book club. I picked a book by a local author who is also a friend of mine. Liz is also the talented flautist mentioned above. This was the first time in 8 years of our book club’s existence that we have had the author attend our meeting. I set up a BLOG for pre-meeting comments that were intended to include our usual reaction to the book and comments on things like character development, plot, etc. The purpose of the meeting was to offer members a chance to ask the author all those things that had occurred to them as they read the book and to find out just how an author goes about crafting her work. The good news is that perhaps everyone had read the book (which doesn’t often happen) and they came prepared with good questions for Liz. After the last questions had been answered we gorged ourselves on strawberries, brownies, and ice cream, and everyone got to know our latest additions to the book club, Deb and Neal.

I really enjoy all of these people so much. This is the kind of evening that adds a real richness to life!


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