Monday, August 15, 2005

The Aging of Skin and Bone

I know that every year of age means new problems to deal with physically, from here to the end. It’s just like with an old car after 150,000 miles.

My skin is an ongoing problem. I am carefully scrutinized 4 times a year, twice by each of 2 eminent dermatologists. Just today I went in to see Dr. Martin Braun, Sr. He froze two things on my face, one of which was pre-cancerous. Then I showed him a newly blackened spot in my left inner knee and said, “If you have any doubt, just get rid of it.” He did a biopsy using a “shave” approach, which at least avoids an inch long incision if it is not a melanoma. If it is, the incision will probably be two inches long. I will know in a week. I wish I could just get rid of all those little dots that are a cause for concern.

My other physical dilemma is a stiffness and mild sporadic pain in my thumb, which Rebecca says is arthritis. That is certainly not good news for anyone who plays the piano. Deborah says to ice it after I play. What a pain in the neck! I like problems that have solutions, even if it is as drastic as surgically removing the problem!

So my body is starting to remind me that I am 56 years old. I can color my hair and use makeup to hide the wrinkles, but there are certain other problems I can’t seem to avoid. It’s hard to grow old gracefully.


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