Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Picture Perfect Day

Suddenly the weather has turned from the sultry humid days of summer to something fresh and breezy, literally a breath of fresh air. I started the day with a trip to the farmers’ market, where summer produce is at its best. The tomatoes are red and lush. Ears of corn contain tightly packed juicy white kernals. I bought a huge bag of slightly damaged fragrant peaches for $2. I bought all the ingredients for a big batch of ratatouille. My friend Linda and I had a great time visiting each vendor and buying bags of fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs and even chicken.

Back home I cut up all the very ripe peaches while David made delicious omelets with free-range eggs. The only damper to this wonderful brunch was reading about what is still going on along the Gulf Coast. It sounds like our fearless leader W finally got the word that his constituents are less than pleased that his priority was playing golf instead of dealing with the wake of Katrina. It makes you wonder if this could have swung the election if it had happened last year.

I just practiced the piano for a couple of hours. I made many of the same old mistakes, but some things are improving. I will never tire of playing the Bolling Suite. It is such fun music.

David and I are getting ready to take a bike ride and enjoy the weather, which never lasts too long. We’re having dinner with Deborah and Neal – my ratatouille and whatever else they decide to make. Then we’re all going to the movies to see The Edukators, a German film.

Days like this don’t happen too often. But when they do it feels good to take advantage of the warm sunshine before darkness and cold weather once again come.


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