Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shear Shack Turns 15

Shear Shack – the name sounds like something out of a B movie! But instead it is the place where everyone in my family has gotten haircuts for years. It’s where I got my first manicure, my first pedicure, and most importantly my first color job.

Every year around this time the owner, Harjit, who is a slim Indian woman, gives a party for her customers. When the parties first started several years ago, the women who worked there made all the food. It was a real international night because they are from all over the world. My previous haircutter Bee was from Peru. My current person Sophia is from Cambodia. There are several Indians.

Tonight they decided to let someone else do the cooking, so the party was catered. There was Indian, Thai, and Greek food, with plenty of beer and soda to wash it down. They even had a band! We immediately recognized Gary, someone from our Micah choir, who was the drummer, and yes, he gets his hair cut there too.

What a melting pot of an affair. The staff are from all over the world. David pointed out the only native American of the bunch, who turned out not to be American Indian, but just simply Caucasian.

The clientele were equally mixed. They ranged from (very) senior citizens to young children, one of whom was wearing a pink tutu. One of the staff was snapping pictures of everyone who walked in. They seemed genuinely happy to see us.

Shear Shack is a reminder that people can come to this country from all over the world and make a success of their lives through hard work. Not too many places offer a yearly reminder that they are truly appreciative of our business.

Having just finished Tom Friedman’s book, which focused so much on India, I find myself pondering how Shear Shack fits into his flattening of the world theory...


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