Saturday, October 29, 2005

Two Claudias

As on every Shabbat morning service, we recognize the arrival of new life – new babies – and the anniversary of those who have died in past years. This morning was the yahrzeit of Claudia Cairo Resnick and the birth of Claudia Schecter Torres.

Claudia Resnick was a favorite teacher at Burgundy Farm Country Day School, where our children went through the 8th grade. Born in Argentina, she was a fluent Spanish teacher as well as a demanding English teacher. She made sure both Daniel and Rachel knew how to write before they left Burgundy. Claudia succumbed to cancer at a relatively young age after raising two brilliant children and turning out countless students who loved to read and write.

Young Claudia Torres was born just 3 weeks ago. She has been to services every week since her birth, swaddled in a sling over her mother Julie’s shoulder. She is the perfect combination of Julie and her husband Mauricio, who is from El Salvador. She was obviously born into a loving family.
I hope she grows up to be proficient in the English skills that Claudia Resnick imparted.

Two Claudias – one a memory and the other a promise of the future.


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