Sunday, December 18, 2005

Performing in the Temple Micah Talent Show

When I first heard about the talent show, I jokingly suggested to Deborah, my 6-foot tall double bass musical partner (and also my doctor), that we should play in it. To my surprise, she agreed. I mean, we are always looking for places to play, especially places where there is no need to be nervous. I neglected to ask who else would be performing.

After she showed up yesterday and lugged her bass into Temple Micah, we realized that the average age of the performers was about 9 years old! Oh well, there would at least be adults in the audience – my husband and their parents. There were a few teenagers thrown in and our rabbi even played the guitar with his son.

Our repertoire included Air d’il Trovatore by Verdi/Bottesini and Allegro by Handel. It was far from perfect, but it was fine. Everyone clapped and we declined the offer of goody bags.

The interesting thing was that Deborah got really nervous. She plays in two orchestras, so I was surprised. But I guess the bass isn’t nearly as exposed as in two pieces for piano - bass. She said next time she would take her beta-blockers. For some reason, my nerves seem to hold up in these situations, especially if I concentrate on the sound instead of the audience. I must say I was a little unnerved when someone took a picture with a flash camera and for a few seconds I couldn’t see the music.

I really love the sound of the piano and bass together. It’s rich and almost haunting. I’m so grateful to have not only Deborah, but also Bill (the NSO guy) to play with.

At the end of the various acts, we had a short Havdalah service to mark the end of Shabbat. What a fitting way to celebrate the diversity of even talent at Temple Micah and to mark the almost-beginning of Hanukkah.


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