Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An Unlikely Bedouin

As we stood in a line at a grocery store yesterday, I remarked that I hadn’t yet seen a camel on this trip. A blue-eyed girl behind us with an infant in a front carrier smiled and the following conversation ensued between her and us:
H: (in Hebrew) Do you speak English?
G: Better than I speak Hebrew.
H: Where are you from?
G: Germany.
Me: Why are you living here (in the middle of the desert)?
G: Because I’m married to a Bedouin.
Me: What does he do for a living?
G: He owns 50 camels (the reason she had smiled when I mentioned camels).
Me: Why did you come to Israel?
G: To work on a kibbutz at Ein Gedi.

So here is this very Aryan-looking German girl who has adopted a very different life, married to a Beddouin and raising three children in the desert. I seriously doubt her parents ever dreamed that this would be their daughter’s future when she signed on to work on an Israeli kibbutz!


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