Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Perils of a Pedicure

Although my brightly painted toes looked really good, it turns out that my pedicure several weeks ago was not so good for the health of my feet. I came away with a nasty case of athlete’s foot that I have finally managed to get rid of. And yesterday as I removed all that pretty dark red polish, I found extra ridges and white spots on my toenails that weren’t there before. YUCK!

I started to wonder if wearing polish on fingernails and toenails is not the equivalent of walking around in a vinyl raincoat that doesn’t let your skin breathe. Maybe there is a natural function of these 20 nails that is interrupted by colored polish. Yesterday I carefully cut and filed my nails. I worked away stray bits of cuticle. I rubbed Ahava foot creme into my feet, paying attention to my poor wounded toes. Today my now-natural nails all feel a lot healthier and they look just fine, if a little pale.

Maybe I’ll go natural for the rest of the summer and give my nails a chance to breathe. I must admit that I liked seeing my feet coordinated with my favorite red sandals, but I like the way they feel today. I haven’t given up coloring my hair or shaving my legs yet, but natural nails could become a habit.


Blogger Kate said...

This is interesting because one reason I don't color my finger nails is my remembrance of how my mother's nails looked. She always wore polish and her nails were ridged and yellowed. I assumed it was because they never had time to "breathe" as well. But I do use polish on my toes during sandal months, which for me starts in May and ends in October and I have noticed no discoloration. Perhaps it is because they breathe freely from October through March?

It's a puzzlement but was interesting to read you experience the same outcome of painted nails she did.


9:35 AM  
Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

I don't wear polish during the winter either, never wear it on my fingernails except for very special occasions.

So glad you're taking care of your poor bewildered toes!

4:26 PM  

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