Saturday, May 20, 2006

Shall We Turn Over?

I had forgotten just how small a double bed is -- when it is intended for 2 people. We are into our second graduation weekend, this time in Boston. We are three adults staying in a room with two double beds and the shared intimacy is a little more than any of us would find desirable. But $200 a night for his own room was a little more than our starting lawyer could afford to pay.

Here are my observations after a night in our double bed:
-- It is perfect for people who like to cuddle because you basically have no other choice!
-- Turning over requires agreement since it works best if both people are on the same side.
-- That’s pretty much true for the covers too.
-- It’s a lot harder to get a good night’s sleep when you are used to sleeping in a king-size bed.


Blogger Kate said...

At least your children had the decency to go to colleges where graduation didn't fall on the same day!

Enjoy and be proud.


7:42 PM  

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