Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finding Albeniz

For several months my piano teacher has been suggesting that I play some music from a Spanish composer named Albeniz. The problem has been that she seems to have lost her copy of his music and the local store where I buy piano music has been unable to get it.

Today she was pleased to present me with a copy of one of his tangos, made by her 90-year-old husband from another student’s book. But unfortunately her husband had cut off some essential notes.

I came home and much to my surprise learned through Google that I could download the piece from “EveryNote” for the whopping price of $1.86. I am legally allowed to then make as many copies as I want. What a great find for music that is otherwise hard to come by.

Isaac Albeniz lived from 1860 to 1909 in Spain. His Tango in D was published in 1936. So it’s no small wonder that it’s out of print. This little 2-page gem will make a wonderful piece to play for my “Works in Progress” piano group.

I am sure this won’t be the last piece I download from EveryNote. Most everything they offer is $2 or less, a real bargain in today’s music market!


Blogger e said...

I hope you enjoy your finds there. Do any of the university's near you have music programs or libraries? If so, they are often good sources of hard-to-find music.

2:46 PM  

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