Friday, September 23, 2011

So many bikes

It was not a good day for looking at bicycles because for much of the day NYC was under a flood watch. That doesn't make for great conditions to take a bike out for a spin.

We started out by getting lost in Queens on our way to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We finally arrived at Nycewheels, expecting a huge store since they sell more electric bikes than most anyone else in the US. Instead we found a place about 12 feet wide. It did hold quite a few bikes with motors and batteries, intended to offer the option of assistance on hills. Brands like Kettler and Gepida and Reptila, not your run of the mill road bikes. I opted for a toasted onion bagel and coffee while my husband asked all his questions.

After that we slowly made our way down to the southern part of Manhattan to visit Bicycle Habitat and Adeline Adeline, two other fairly small stores selling regular people-powered bikes.

I came away liking the way many bicycles look, but realizing I hadn't seen anything I liked more than the bike I already have. If only I could remove the upper bar that makes it somewhat difficult to get on and off.

I later started reading about various bikes on the Internet and realized there are an awful lot of people who take this very seriously, defending their bicycle choice almost as though it were a religion. They even have forums where they discuss the merits of various kinds of bike lights. Sheesh!

We may make another trip up to Nycewheels tomorrow if the sun comes out. My husband would really like to see what it's like to ride with power.

As for me, I may just stick with my old Specialized.

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