Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Om with Ketchup

“Do you eat meat?” my new yoga friend Liz asked as we waited for class to start.  I gave my usual response that we eat a lot of fish and chicken and sometimes we have a vegetarian meal, fully expecting she might say she was a vegan.
But instead she asked me if I would like to grab a half-price burger down the street after class.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I had eaten a hamburger out, but I quickly said YES.
As we lunged and balanced and twisted into pose after pose, I had visions of the burger I was going to eat.  During shavasana as we were supposed to lie there in stillness and ponder nothing but our breath, I could almost smell my hamburger.
After class we headed down the street to Mr. Henry’s where we ordered half-price medium rare hamburgers and an order of onion rings to split.  I had thought I might take half my burger home to my husband, but there was not a bite left.
With the half price special, the bill was under $9, almost as cheap as McDonalds considering all we got to eat.
But the best thing about the evening was discovering more about my new friend from class.  I love the fact that she suggested doing something spontaneously.  She is recently retired and we share a lot of common interests.  I have a feeling more serendipity is in our future.


Blogger Steve Reed said...

That's great! I bought hamburger meat last week so Dave could make hamburgers -- and as you know, I'm mostly a chicken/fish/veg person. Sometimes I just get a hankerin'! A new friend is always a welcome thing!

9:03 AM  

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