Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back on My Bike

I hadn’t ridden my bike in a long time, not since I started exercising regularly, getting stronger. John, the bicycle enthusiast in my office who helped me select a bike, asked me the other day if I was going to get out on my Specialized this weekend. (I had forgotten it was called a Specialist.)

This was a beautiful weekend. So I pumped the tires up since they were completely flat, located my helmet, and went for a ride this afternoon. I had forgotten what a nice bike I own. I had also forgotten a lot about how to shift the gears, which I re-learned by trial and error. I approached the big hill on Braddock Road with my usual fear and trepidation. But much to my surprise I went up easily, not even stopping, in a medium gear, since I hadn’t yet figured out how to get into a lower gear. My legs are definitely stronger. The bike moves so effortlessly and smoothly on downhill stretches.

I noticed all sorts of things that I completely miss when I drive on those same streets. I said hello to an old man sitting out in his yard, told someone else what a nice dog he had, and was award of trees and other greenery that otherwise completely escapes my attention.

This week’s Washington Post had an article on a 3-day circuit bike trip that includes Block Island, Long Island, and some other places in that area. I am hoping that we can talk Linda and Michael into joining us in the Fall to do this trip, which includes visits to wineries, whaling stations, and a whole lot of interesting things.

I hope the bike tires never get so flat again from lack of use. I’m determined to keep riding!


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