Sunday, June 12, 2005

Myers Briggs Typing

We had an interesting discussion last night with our friends Kris and Bill, who were over for dinner. Bill is really into analyzing people – why we are the way we are. He brought up the Myers Briggs personality classification. Here’s a link if you are not familiar with it: David and I are both INTJ. Bill is ESTJ. Kris is INFP – the exact opposite of Bill. It’s interesting in that we have all been married for almost 30 years, so type matching is certainly not a requirement. Of the 4 of us, Kris is the only one who displays any sort of spontaneity – she will actually get up in the morning with absolutely no plan for how she is going to spend the day – something the rest of us found to be a foreign concept, but one we would like to aspire to. Obviously this doesn’t change with retirement, because Bill and David are both retired and they still plan every day!

I talked about this with Rebecca this morning. She admitted to not being very organized in general, but on work days having more or less a list of what she had to do. But her approach to non-work days was to live them spontaneously. Maybe this is a good balance. She suggested that I do something spontaneous on the way home – just to see how it feels. So I parked illegally and made a quick trip to the Sackler to see a fantastic exhibit of a weathered fishing boat filled with broken pottery shards, including hundreds of statues of Guanyin. Here is the link to a description of the exhibit:
It was definitely worth the visit and it was especially nice that I didn’t get a parking ticket.

David and I have both determined to work on loosening up our lives and staying more in the moment instead of having so many plans. Probably a lot more healthy...


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