Sunday, July 24, 2005

Chautauqua Finale and Withdrawal

Our concert yesterday was the perfect culmination of a wonderful week. I keep hearing the lyrical lilting sound of the flute in our Telemann piece. Deborah, Roz, Jerry, and I played the notes that were now in our heads and hearts, as well as in our fingers. The performance wasn’t perfect, but there were some really beautiful moments in it. Deborah admitted to me afterwards that she had never before played solo bass, so our duet was a first for her also. As soon as it was over, Bill C and I jumped into the car and drove nonstop home.

I was happy to be home to see David, but I must admit that I got up today somewhat sad because I didn’t have a reason to hop on my bike and pedal up to Cabin E to practice. I feel like I just got this thing started and now I have to return to the minutiae of everyday life, not knowing when I’m going to have the chance to play with a group again. Deborah and I have vowed to keep working together, enlisting the competent help of Bill Vaughan, but we both have jobs and responsibilities that take priority.

This experience reaffirms how wonderful retirement is going to be. I will once again be organizing play groups, not for my toddlers but rather for myself. Being exposed to so many great musicians makes me realize just how much I still have to learn. I see music as being a big part of the rest of my life.

Thank you, Deborah, for pointing me in the right direction and giving me encouragement!


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