Sunday, September 11, 2005

An Open Day

It’s not often that I get up with absolutely nothing planned for the day. This is a picture perfect day with all sorts of possibilities. Interesting enough, September 11, 2001, also started out as a picture perfect day.

Maybe we’ll take a long bike ride along the river. We rode to Old Town last week, but I much prefer to be near the water. The Mount Vernon bike path will probably be crowded with everyone else who has the same idea.

I could always work out in the basement gym, but this day just looks too nice to be stuck down in the basement.

I could sit out on the deck and do some reading. I need to pick poems to read next weekend. This time hopefully I will not choose the same one that someone else picks.

I could and probably will practice the piano. Deborah and I are supposedly playing for a class next Saturday morning, so we really need to get ready. We’ve been working on a number of pieces that are actually sounding pretty good, so I guess we need to figure out what we’re playing.

This evening we could go to a Public Issues Forum at the Temple. It will feature David Cole, Georgetown Law Professor and Radio & TV commentator, speaking on "Balancing Civil Liberties and Security". This is certainly something in which I have an interest. A grim reminder that today is September 11.

Lots of possibilities. It is nice to have choices with no obligations.


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