Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shabbat Prayer

At today's Shabbat service, Toby (our new associate rabbi) opened the service with a prayer written by a friend of hers. It seemed so appropriate, given what has been happening in the south. Here's the text of the prayer:

Every Shabbat we sing psalms praising Your power, known to us through the raging waters and mighty rivers. For we have been taught that if we follow Your ways the rains will come in their proper seasons and we will prosper. As we approch You -- seeking forgiveness -- we hope to be spared punishment by the engulfing power of these same waters.

In these days, when Your awesome power is seen at its most intense, we ask once again for Your help. Help us to see Your presence, not as the waters of destruction, but as the waters of sustenance. Help us to see your face, not in the crushing waters, the devastated cities, and the anguished people; but to feel Your presence in the receding waters, the rebuilding of cities, and the kindness Your people show one another.

Let these be the words we impress on our heart and on our soul. And let these be the words we teach to our children, and that we speak in our homes and on our way. Let us remember Your commitment to healing, light, and life when we need comfort to lie down at night and when we need hope to rise up in the day.


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