Monday, September 19, 2005

With a Happy Heart

The last few days have left me with a full and happy heart. My health issues have taken a backseat to all the good things going on in my life right now.

I am still reliving our poetry night by the river. As I collect everyone’s poems for the purpose of making an anthology, I remember hearing the words on that breezy, moonlit night as we sat in a circle and read to each other. As we were leaving, my new friend, doctor, and musical partner Deborah said to me, "Thank you for introducing me to so many things I would not have otherwise done." I could have thanked her for the same thing. I guess that's why we have become such good friends. That was the night the I came home full of love and wonderful feelings about my husband and all the friends who had participated.

Today Rebecca actually mentioned me by name (“my friend Barbara”) in her BLOG. That’s a first. She seems to vacillate on this issue of whether we can be friends, but I guess for the moment we are.

Deborah sent a last-minute e-mail message inviting me to play music with her at 4:30 today. We’re working on a new piece – the Concerto in D Major by Dittersdorf. I had never even played it through to the end. We actually played the whole thing and it was absolutely beautiful. I walked out of her house high on music and went to yoga to celebrate my happy feeling.

After yoga, I stopped to talk to my friend Tasha, who is a beautiful young kindergarten teacher at GDS. I noticed that she hadn't done several of the yoga poses that put pressure on the stomach and suspected that she might be pregnant because she had always done all poses well in the past. Indeed she is 12 weeks pregnant, due to IVF. She is very excited and is absolutely radiant with happiness. It took me back to my struggles to get pregnant and what a good feeling it was when it happened. She will make the perfect mother.

After I came home, I tried unsuccessfully to find a CD of the Dittersdorf piece. I called Deborah, who has one and who quickly offered up Neal (her husband) to make me a copy. That is not only a quicker solution, but it is also free, despite the fact that it is illegal. By the way, Neal gives the best hugs of just about anyone I know.

I'm looking ahead to October 2. I organized a trip to the mikvah with 3 other women to prepare ourselves for the High Holidays. We will each take some private time to dip into this sacred cleansing pool as we read the words that women have used for centuries during this ritual. Then we will go out to lunch and talk about our experience. Liz, Jan, Lynn -- these are women from Temple Micah whom I have come to love and trust. We're all interested in deepening our sense of spirituality. What better way?

Experience has shown me that these high points never last forever. But they certainly are nice while they are happening!


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