Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Seeing Clearly

I finally had my vision checked after about 10 years with the same glasses. Part of my reluctance was probably the memory of the last time I changed glasses and how very long it took to get them right. It turned out that the ophthalmologist had given me the wrong prescription that time. Three pairs of glasses later I was fine.

It all seemed to simple this time. I got my new glasses at a local optician at a much lower cost than the last time in downtown DC. I have had them for maybe 3 weeks. I just recently realized that my eyes were feeling strained, just stressed out. Then I started thinking about the headaches I have been attributing to allergies. Maybe the new glasses aren’t so right after all. They are progressive lenses and it is difficult to fit them.

So I went back and the guy adjusted the frames. Initially I breathed a sigh of relief and said they seemed fine. However, two days later I am still having eyestrain. It is absolutely the worst when I am trying to play the piano. That won’t do.

As I am sitting here at my desk today, I started checking things out on my own. I can look straight ahead and cover up my left eye. Everything is clear with my right eye. But when I cover up my right eye, looking through my left eye is blurry. This tells me that something is wrong with the centering of the left lens.

I made an appointment for tomorrow with the ophthalmologist to get his opinion of how well my new glasses match my prescription. Meanwhile, I called the optician's office. The guy I have been dealing with is already acting defensive and trying to make this MY problem. I am going into today at lunchtime for him to check it out. I think I will just ask him to put my old lenses back in because I know they were at least comfortable, even if the prescription was not totally current.

You never appreciate things like your eyes enough until they become a problem. The best of all worlds is when you don’t have to think about your body parts, they just do what they are supposed to do!

Postscript: The optician agreed that I wasn't crazy, adjusted the nosepiece on my current glassed to make the problem less noticable, and ordered new lenses which will be here early next week. Today was a big improvement!


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