Saturday, October 22, 2005

Welcoming Toby

We went to Toby's installation last night. First question was why she really needed to be installed since she was already legitimately a rabbi. But it was a nice way to formalize our relationship -- sort of like a couple getting married after living together for a while. Anyway, she was witty, brilliant, compassionate, add a bunch of other positive adjectives. I realized that she talks with her eyes a lot, which was a good thing because she was losing her voice. No partner in evidence. So who knows? But more importantly, who cares? I hope she knows that this congregation would welcome her significant other of any sex (if there is one.) We are gender neutal in all senses of the word! I am sooo excited about taking a class from this woman. Our first class is Nov. 1.

Only at Temple Micah would a serious service of installation end with a MAGIC trick! The Great Loudini gave a preview of his performance at the Sukkot yard sale (tomorrow). His trick starred our new associate rabbi. It was really good magic. I think it was a harbinger of the great magic Toby is going to work on this congregation. Only at Micah...


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