Monday, October 17, 2005


I gave up caffeine (a week ahead) in preparation for my semi-fast on Yom Kippur so that I wouldn’t have a pounding headache in addition to a growling stomach. At first I felt like crap! I hadn’t realized how dependent I had become on my two cups of java/tea each day. But after about 4 days, I realized that I felt so much more uniform throughout the day. No more highs and lows. Could caffeine really have been the problem? I also found that I had so much more energy at night.

My original thought had been to jump right back to my daily caffeine fixes after the fast was over. But I’ve resisted, wondering why I should keep this dependency when life seems to much better without it. So I’m still caffeine-free, strictly DECAF, and loving it!

Even though I didn’t manage a 24-hour fast, more like a 12-hour fast, I think giving up caffeine is a significant bi-product. Wonder what God thinks about this?


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