Monday, October 17, 2005

Health News

I met with a new endocrinologist today, Dr. O, thanks to a phone call from Deborah. (This is the same doctor who didn’t have an appointment available until February 16 when I called, but who personally called to offer me an appointment the next week after she intervened.) I had prepared a long list of questions ahead of time. David came with me to take notes, something he has always been much better at than I am. Dr. O is head of the Department of Endocrinology at Washington Hospital Center.

Once again, he impressed me with the serious nature of any form of cancer. But he also emphasized the extremely low mortality rate from papillary cancer, especially given the fact that the tumor I had removed last summer was stage 1.

After thoroughly answering all our questions, David asked if there was anything in writing that would summarize our conversation. Dr. O replied, “I could give you a copy of my book, A Patient’s Guide to Thyroid Cancer.” BINGO! That was what we had needed all along. Thank you, David, and thank you, Dr. O.

So tonight I am sitting here thinking about my 95% odds that I will never have a recurrence of this disease and feeling lucky to have a new doctor on my team. Welcome, Dr. O!


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