Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why Write?

Some people write because it’s their job – that’s what they get paid to do.

Others write because their grade depends on it. They write to satisfy a requirement for a class.

There is a large group of people who write these days because that is the way they talk to friends and perfect strangers. Part of their reason for writing is to get feedback from those other people. And they get plenty.

Then there is the rest of us who don’t get paid for writing and aren't writing term papers and don’t have a fan club. We write because it makes us feel good. There have been countless times when I could only separate from a thought by typing the words and letting it go. For us writing is self-amusement, self-therapy, self-growth. My writing is like having a conversation with myself.

Sometimes I imagine an audience. I think about who it is I would like to get a comment from. I even imagine what that person might say. That really sounds WEIRD! You might say if I was that desperate I should just be writing anonymous comments to myself. That’s the equivalent of fake-BLOGging. Just wouldn’t be right.

There are days when I can’t find enough time to write about all the things that come to mind. Then there are other days when my mind is blank. I wonder what makes the difference?

If I were given the choice of being able to write and having a piece of very dark chocolate every day, I would have a hard time deciding which to pick! Very likely I would give up the chocolate. WOW!


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