Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bugs Revisited

(See my November 9 post for an intro to the bugs.)

I can hardly believe that just two days ago I was horny as hell and was planning a seductive candlelight dinner and today what am I doing? Ridding my pantry of creepy, crawly bugs – tiny beetles to be exact, a type that thrive on food products. I have gotten really good at squishing them, taking great relish is seeing them exterminated.

Today we took virtually everything that could even possibly serve as beetle food out of the pantry. I then filled big plastic trash bags with the assorted contents and stored them in our car, way away from the scene of the bugs. We carefully washed all the varied “spares” – catsup, vinegar, vitamins, etc. The plan is to wait a couple of weeks with the pantry down to bare walls and then see if anything is still crawling. If so, we have to get it sprayed with some chemical crap that is probably a carcinogen. I’m hopeful that it won’t come to that.

After two hours of this awful cleanup work on a beautiful day, I am asking myself, “Is God punishing me for not (ever) cleaning the chametz out of my pantry in preparation for Passover?” Maybe these little beetles are like one of the Biblical plagues – a wakeup call to get out my feather duster and CLEAN every year!

There is a silver lining in every cloud, however. We found so much old stuff that was no longer good or that we no longer needed that when the incubation period is over, it will be a lot easier to load the pantry back up. It will almost be fun to re-line the shelves with new shelf paper and then make sure everything is fresh and clean again.

The real question is whether it will take another round of bugs to make me clean out the pantry the next time?


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