Sunday, April 09, 2006

A New Friend in Israel

Just as we were about to leave Israel to come home, I received an exciting and surprising e-mail message from Ernesto Maitim, who somehow discovered my Blog while I was in Israel. He came to Israel 6 months ago from Manila. His profile says he is 38 years old. I can’t wait to find out more about why he came, how long he is staying, and what he does to make a living.

Meanwhile I will enjoy his Blog – My Share of Sun in Israel. This absolutely re-enforces the power of Blogging. To think I came halfway around the world to meet someone virtually. We have obviously shared many of the same experiences during our time in this wonderful ancient country.


Blogger Ernest-jr said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful gesture of introducing me to the blogging world (especially in the blogspot community)lol.
It feels really great to know someone like you can appreciate even such a small humble blog such as mine.
Thanks Again! Happy Pesach(Pasover).

5:10 PM  

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