Thursday, June 14, 2007

Under Age

What a mindshift to congratulate yourself because you are under the age limit! That’s right, seniors are 65 or older and I am not yet a senior. I could have passed with the rest of my Temple Micah group on this morning’s tour of the Kreeger Museum and paid the $5 entrance fee, but instead I gladly offered up my $8.

As of today, I have joined the “lunch bunch”, a group of retirees who get together once a month for some sort of outing followed by lunch. Today was an art day to see the work of Gene Davis and to be taken on a guided tour by one of our own who is a docent at the Kreeger.

I typically don’t appreciate modern art, but for some reason I found myself being quite attracted to the various canvasses of vertical stripes in the exhibit entitled “Interval”. I kept wanting to assign each color a musical note and to define the tempo based on the width of the stripe. His use of color was absolutely mesmerizing. He suggests that the viewer follow one color at a time. Just as you thought you had come up with a pattern for the color or the stripe combination, the artist would prove you wrong. One of Gene Davis’ works is the subject of the colorful street painting out in front of the Shakespeare Theatre.

The permanent collection at the Kreeger includes the works of many impressionist artists and their contemporaries, including Monet, Picasso, and Rodin. It is such a pleasure to get as close as you want to these masterpieces without a guard glaring at you. The building itself is spectacular because it was designed to showcase art and music.

As for music, we were treated to a pre-concert rehearsal by the Miles Hoffman ensemble, who will be performing a concert there this evening. It was almost a sensual overload to be viewing the magnificent art and listening to Bach.

I will definitely sign up for the next lunch bunch activity, but meanwhile I may just have to make another trip to the Kreeger to take a closer look at the 180 pieces of art that are on exhibit there.


Blogger Kristin said...

I've been wondering about the street painting for ages now and I've never been to the Kreeger. You've inspired me. Sounds like a great brunch.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Hey, you're getting the idea! I love doing that kind of thing with several different groups. (Although I think this art looks like wrapping paper!)
My choir goes to various outings like Bill Cosby and other singing performances.
The retired teachers have functions all the time too. I go in to help with Gr. 3 all morning every Thurs. with another retired teacher and then we go out to lunch.
It's good to have some time comitted regularly and some loose time too.

10:14 PM  

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