Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thinking about Anti-Zionism

I am becoming increasingly alarmed by Jews who seem to hate Israel. I went to a lively discussion at Temple Micah today which focused on Q & A’s raised by a recent talk given by Alvin Rosenfeld. The moderators were our rabbi Danny and a very knowledgeable member of the congregation.

Danny started off by recapping the talk for those of us who had missed it. Rosenfeld had presented growing evidence of an anti-Zionist movement among Jews. He cited Professor Marc Ellis, who teaches at Baylor, as saying we should just replace the torahs with helicopter gun turrets, because they are more representative of Israel today.

Whoa! I said. When was the last time Marc Ellis visited Israel? As with so many things, a lack of first-hand knowledge can sometimes greatly skew one’s perception.

Everyone quickly acknowledged that loving Israel and supporting the country’s right to existence does not in any way mean agreeing wholeheartedly with Israeli politics or military tactics or settlements or so many other things.

Danny relayed an interesting conversation with someone who had said he wouldn’t consider going to Israel as long as Omert was Prime Minister. He equated this with someone in this country refusing to go to Florida as long as Bush was President.

A lot of the discussion centered on what we tell the next generation and what they are facing on college campuses today. Danny said recently there have been Jewish protestors outside a synagogue at the U of Michigan with signs that read “Jews Against Israel.” Once again I wonder how many of those protestors have taken a trip to Israel.

Israelis are faced with difficult decisions every day as they work to solidify their country in the face of growing aggression from their neighbors and from abroad – from Arabs and from Jews.

Maybe if the world took a lesson from this joint circus venture between Jewish and Arab children, the prospect of peace would seem more tangible and Israel could turn its attention to matters beyond defending its existence.


Blogger Barbara said...

You may be on a totally different page on the topic of Zionism, but you have to admit the kids in the Jewish-Arab circus are really cute. It's actually hard in most cases to tell who's who!

9:56 PM  

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