Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Without a Bang, Not even a Whimper

I wouldn’t even know New Year’s Eve had come and gone if I didn’t look at the calendar and realize today is January 1, 2008. I was blissfully asleep at midnight, put to sleep by a single glass of white wine, not even Champagne.

It seemed all the people we usually hang out with had other plans – other friends, a cruise, you name it. So we ate our homemade pea soup with corn bread as our New Year’s Eve dinner, split a TJ lava cake, and settled in to watch a movie.

My husband, who is in charge of our NetFlix account had but one movie on hand – The Astronaut Farmer. Maybe if I had been high on something besides white wine, I could have found this movie funny. But instead it seemed like the stupidest movie I had ever seen, not even well acted. So 10 minutes in, I politely bowed out and went up to bed.

Did I miss the usual celebration? Not in the least. I got up relatively early today feeling energetic and ready to begin again. I reminded my husband we had saved a bundle by our modest homestyle celebration. Does my enjoyment of simplicity mean that indeed I am getting OLD? Probably, but it’s OK.

P.S. I did get my kiss, but well before midnight!


Blogger Kristin said...

It sounds like a perfectly nice night and far better than so many overrated celebrations. Have a very happy new year!

3:51 PM  
Blogger Ulysses said...

I had plans, but was asleep by 9:30, struck down by a fast moving bug. Oh well, guess I'll have to just go back to celebrating every new day...

6:25 AM  
Blogger Pauline said...

Happy New Year! Night parties are well behind me I guess - sleep seems more inviting. I did attend a gathering of artist and writing friends on New year's Day for poetry and other readings, ending with some spirited music for the road. Celebrating on the day itself is much more appealing...

6:57 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Kristin -- The night was fine, not all that different from any other night.

Ulysses -- 9:30! You beat me. I lasted until at least 10:30. Hope the bug moved on out by New Year's day.

Pauline -- I love the idea of reading poetry on New Year's day. Now that's a tradition I would like to start!

8:45 AM  

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