Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Little Town

I’ve spent so much time telling you about where we have gone on the Amalfi Coast that I’ve neglected introducing you to our “neighborhood”, the Chiesa San Luca. We sit well above much of the town of Praiano.

No picture can adequately capture the climb up to San Luca with multiple switchbacks. Once you are at San Luca (a church), there are still 57 steps to climb up to Casa Concetta, our house.

I find it extremely curious that they use a STOP sign that looks just like ours at home and paint the street with STOP. Now I’m thinking the reason no one actually even slows down is because they don’t know what STOP means.

It seems there is a lot of construction going on in Praiano, much of it in areas not accessible by roads. So they use mules to move the dirt and rocks up and down the mountain. Here is one team getting ready to head out.

They actually look much healthier than the mules on Santorini and there is no evidence of the mule dung that gave the steps in Santorini a characteristic smell.

Graffiti seems to be universal these days. This is just a random shot from our recent trip to Herculaneum.

The suitcases are mostly packed and bulging. The refrigerator is looking a little empty. We’re having dinner out at a restaurant down at the beach tonight. That’s the place that is 1,000 steps down from San Luca (and of course 1,000 steps up to get home.) Bring on the lemoncello for our final farewell dinner on the Amalfi Coast.


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Delicious posts...good to the very last drop!

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