Tuesday, July 05, 2011

For the birds

The people of the north shore of Kauai really love their 'trosses. I haven't seen any signs warning about children at play, but there are signs everywhere for wild bird crossing.

Tonight we will get an update from friends on young Andy the albatross's progress in taking to the air, where he will spend the next 3 years at sea. By that time he will instinctively know how to fish for squid and other albatross food.

The wild chickens are abundant on every beach. It looks like every hen recently hatched a half dozen or so. They are not in the least afraid of people. This morning we watched an entire family of chickens climb over the guy next to us as we sat on Ke'e Beach after some excellent snorkeling.

Yesterday my husband and I hiked down to Queen's Bath, an unusual formation of lava that forms a bluff overlooking the sea. Below us we could see numerous sea turtles surfacing in the swirling surf (lower right).

We just came back from the Hanalei farmers' market, featuring the finest in local produce -- pineapples, mangoes, papayas, bananas, and all sorts of green vegetables. We are making a Mexican dinner for friends. My wonderful housemate is chopping and chopping as she makes fish tacos (Brock's recipe) with Hawaiian ono.

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