Sunday, September 30, 2012

Puppy Update

Which one will it be?  Our puppy was born to Taylor (and Levi) on September 17.  This picture was taken 2 days later.  At this point we have submitted our preferences and we know we will be getting a male.  We know there are at least 5 males in the litter, but we haven't seen a photo of the puppies by gender yet.

We are so excited at the thought of once again having a dog in our family.  We will visit the puppies when they are 6 weeks old and after the breeder has determined which one best fits our criteria.

Our puppy will be named Ari (which means "lion" in Hebrew).  I hope he lives up to his name and is a gentle lion.

Here is an update of the puppies at 2 weeks.  They are just starting to open their eyes.  Aren't they adorable little golden doodles?


Blogger Gary said...

How exciting and how adorable! That is a quite a litter of pups. It won't be long now until Ari is part of your family.

Also, nice to see you posting. I have missed you.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Gary -- I am not really sure why Blogging seems to have dropped out of my life. Perhaps I will resume writing more frequently after young Ari joins us! Thanks for stopping by. You are like family!

10:06 PM  
Blogger Steve Reed said...

Awwww, they're really cute! And wow, that's a LOT of puppies! Definitely keep us posted on Ari's arrival.

I miss you too, Barbara! But I know you're out there, and as long as we hear from you from time to time that keeps me happy. :)

2:21 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

What adorable pups! I cannot wait to hear more about the new addition to your household.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Pauline said...

Good thing one is being selected for you. I'd have to bring the whole litter home! Yes, please let us all know when Ari arrives. Not much is cuter than baby antics!

7:06 AM  

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