Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mid-Winter Poetry -- The Beginning of an Idea

I just had this idea this afternoon that I would like to invite everyone I know who likes poetry to a poetry reading in the depths of winter. What better way to ignore the gloomy weather? I want to invite a variety of people, many of whom don’t know each other. The only thing each person will need to bring is a copy of a poem to read. It can be original or something the person simply read and would like to share. We will compile all of the poems and send them out after the fact.

We will have decadent food that is all bought – a no-work party! Very blue cheese, goat cheese, sharp cheddar with crusty French bread. Heavy dark chocolate mousse cake, very caloric and yummy. Champagne for those who like it. Wine for those of us who detest the bubbles. Punch for everyone else.

These questions go through my mind, since I have never participated in something like this before:

(1) Will people think this is crazy?
(2) Will they want to come?
(3) Will people from DC/MD be willing to schlep to VA?
(4) Will they take me seriously about the requirement of bringing a poem?
(5) What will I read?
(6) Will the snow hold off for the party?

I can’t wait! Let it snow, but not on the day of the party...


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