Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Perfection Wins Again

My knitting project was progressing slowly, a couple of rows at a time. However, today something definitely went wrong and there were knits where there should have been pearls and there seemed to be no remedy. I am in dire need of a lesson on how to recover when there is a problem.

So I had a choice – keep going with very obvious mistakes or rip it out and start over. I valiantly tried to just keep going, but couldn’t do it. So I unraveled everything and started over once again.

The good news was that it was not nearly so hard to start over. The bad news is I still don’t know how to fix mistakes and I’m not back to where I started earlier today before things got so screwed up.

I muttered under my breath, “This really isn’t fun”, to which David replied, “Just don’t do it then.” Everything is always such a simple straightforward choice for him.

Perfection and pride – forever my undoing!

I wouldn’t want to bet if or when these socks will ever be on my feet...


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