Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Gift of a Day

It isn’t often that we are given a gift of time – once a year in the fall when we go on daylight savings time. But today I was given most of a day off by the Federal government. In fact, the entire Census Bureau staff was released from duty at 10:30 AM and you’ll never guess why – a bomb threat perhaps, or maybe a suspicious package, or a letter with white powder. It was actually nothing quite so exciting. We simply had no water and the toilets wouldn’t flush. How’s that for a reason to go home?

So I had time for a leisurely lunch, time to clean out the basement, time to write in my BLOG, time to practice the trope for my July torah reading, time to practice the piano, maybe even time to finish next Sunday’s book club book – all at the expense of Uncle Sam (A.K.A. the American taxpayer).

I have been tired for several days now. But with these extra hours I will have a chance to get caught up and get a good night’s sleep once again.

Believe me, I really had nothing to do with the water main break. But I am certainly glad it happened...


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