Sunday, July 31, 2005

Care Packages

While I was at Chautauqua, I met Michael, a boy in the School of Music who was extremely gifted, but who was not feeling all that confident in his ability. I talked to him several times and have thought about him a lot since I came home. I wonder what he will do with his life. Will he end up pursuing a career in music?

I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies today for my children and for Michael. I haven’t done nearly enough of this over the years since my children went away to school. And I remember how much fun it was to receive a package of anything from home, even if it was all crumbs by the time it arrived.

My cookies today are not perfect. I never can balance the puffiness and the light brown color. Mine are either flat or pale. I was always so envious of Rosa, my friend through work many years ago, because her cookies always looked just right. But it’s the thought that counts, I always tell myself.

The last batch is finally out of the oven. I’ll wrap them with some cushioning to ease them on their way. David, my stay-at-home retired husband, has agreed to put them in the mail tomorrow. I hope Daniel, Rachel, and Michael enjoy their care packages.


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