Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pink Shoes

I seem to keep running into examples of ridiculous pink shoes. I just read Rebecca’s BLOG post entitled “In Appreciation of Drag Queens and Show Girls” about shoes she wore for a hot date last Saturday night:

I understand WHY they wear those very high heels - they're dramatic, they lengthen the leg, push up the butt and make the wearer feel tall and sexy. But HOW they do it I can not understand.

Saturday night I wore the coolest pair of high heels - definitely not the sort of shoe you would ever see a show girl wearing -- Fluevog pink heels with a yellow stripe around the place where the foot slides in, funny heels and black plastic lug soles -- they're R Crumb heels and I love them. A gift from a friend last Halloween.

Saturday was the first occasion I had to wear them, to dinner with Don. We strolled back to the hotel after dinner, kind of a lengthy walk in heels, though not at all a big deal in regular shoes, so I didn't understand what I was doing to my body. Actually I was having so much fun, I didn't care.

In fact, I didn't realize the impact of that walk until my massage today. Wow. Feeling much freer since receiving all that work on my lower back, legs and feet, feeling determined NOT to take half mile walks while wearing heels in the future. But I still love those shoes, and today I am in great appreciation of anyone brave and tough enough to walk around in high heels as a matter of course. The things we do to look good!

If you want to see a pic of them, go to
They're called "Lily Darling." Once you see them, you'll want a pair, too. Who wouldn't!

Lily Darlings are regularly $185, on sale for $140 on this site.

Just today, I was visited by Tondrea, the 40-ish mother of Aisha (who was shot and paralyzed about a month ago) and grandmother of Ja’miya (Aisha’s daughter). Tondrea was all in pink and looked remarkably well for someone who has been in constant vigil in her daughter’s hospital room for the past month, where she has been praying to God and asking for her daughter’s recovery as she placed her hands on her daughter’s body. Tondrea stopped by to give me an update on Aisha and to let me know that she had been moved to rehab at John’s Hopkins and that she is hoping for a full recovery. How they are paying for any of this is beyond me. As Tondrea sat and talked to me, she was working on tying the ribbons that extended from her very pink shoes – sandals that sat on top of acrylic spikes that looked like toothpicks. I can’t imagine how anyone could walk on such shoes. When I asked Tondrea about her very spiffy new shoes, she said that she had gotten them at the $10 store for $9. They were at least as uncomfortable as the Lily Darlings, but at a fraction of the price. They obviously made Tondrea feel happy today as she prepared for yet another day of healing her daughter.

Should I be looking for some pink shoes?


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