Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Clock Is Off

Spending time in a hospital is a guaranteed way to throw off your system clock. It’s never totally dark. You doze and wake and doze some more, 24x7, as people come to do their prescribed checking – blood tests, temperature, medication, and countless other interruptions.

For the past few days, even my schedule for eating has been altered. I couldn’t eat after midnight the day before my surgery. I didn’t eat my first real food until last night and it was not exactly worth skipping 24 hours for. Even today, I had breakfast and a large Thanksgiving dinner mid-afternoon.

I came home feeling sleepy from the tryptophan in the turkey. I tried to sleep but couldn’t get past that twilight feeling.

I’m just not getting those clear signals of when to sleep and when to eat. I hope my body returns to its fairly regular patterns of sleeping and eating. Biorhythms give you a sense of being normal and well.


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