Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Band of Angels Watchin' Over Me

I survived my thyroidectomy today. I feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks, but otherwise I am really fine. A gaggle of residents just came by to check me out – Washington Hospital Center is a teaching hospital.

I finally took my “Successful Surgery” CD out of its shrinkwrap this morning. As I lay on my gurney getting ready for surgery, I turned on the CD player loaned to me by Bill C. I must have confirmed my name half a dozen times, as they took my temperature, started my IV, listened to my chest, and had me sign consent forms. Meanwhile a calm female voice was starting to help me paint a visual picture.

The CD has you visualize a safe beautiful place. You watch your breath and let go of your thoughts as you begin to feel comfortable. Just as I heard “you are facing a bright light”, I was wheeled into the operating room, where just as the soothing voice on the CD said, a team of people were busily preparing for my procedure. They sheathed my body in warm white blankets as I continued to listen to the CD.

Throughout this prep time, I sensed a growing group of people assembling in the room – including Deborah, Neal, Reya, Kathryn, Rosa, FL, Sam, Marjorie, Barbara B, Matthew, Sharon, Mary H, Pam, Mary R, Ellen, Ginger, Toby, Meryl, Lynn, Liz, Jan, Kris, Bill, Linda, Michael, friends from work, friends from Temple Micah, my immediate family, and most importantly my parents – what a surprise! I’m sure there were additional people, perhaps some that I don’t even know. The room was absolutely packed with people who all love me very much. They all stretched their arms out towards me just as I slipped into a deep and profound sleep. I continued to listen to my CD all throughout the surgery.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. My band of angels had disbanded once they learned that I was successfully through the surgery. But the memory of their support will be with me forever.


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