Thursday, November 10, 2005

Perpetual Jokesters

Do you have friends whose only e-mail messages to you contain jokes, some of which aren’t even funny?

My 80+ year old aunt discovered the joys of e-mail and the Internet just a few years ago when we gave her Daniel’s old computer. She has always been game for just about anything. She lives in Minneapolis and drives a red convertible. Just a few years ago she injured her foot while doing handstands on the knees of her 65-year-old boyfriend. You get the picture?

Anyway, I have yet to get her to write a straight message that tells me how she is doing. Instead I keep getting these messages filled with animated cats and winking babies and other things that someone must find appealing. My dilemma: Do I continue to simply reply “Thank you” and then delete her messages or appeal to her to send me something of substance?

Why is it that some people have a real aversion to reality, but instead prefer to view life as a series of jokes?


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