Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Meet-Up of Old Friends

That’s what it felt like – the Weblogger Meetup at Pharoah’s in Adams Morgan tonight. I realized how very much I already knew about the people I met tonight. Even though I had never seen them before, I had the basics down. But what was really weird was that I felt I had known them forever.

What was very interesting was comparing actual faces to those I had envisioned. I like the real ones much better.

It was not such a large group and we actually sat down, as opposed to the last happy hour where it seemed like everyone stood up the entire time. There was a friendly, cute bartender, who we all agreed had cute hair. One person there had reason to know more about him than the rest of us – think, think, think – who writes about a bartender?

We had an interesting conversation about what we can’t say in our Blogs because we know certain people are reading. It’s almost as though each of us needs a private Blog to pour that part of our hearts into. But then half the fun of Blogging turns out to be the sharing, not just the journaling. It’s a dilemma.

There are lots of ideas for future meetings –
– A girls’ lunch with real napkins
– A Blogger weekend sleepover in a fancy hotel with lots of opportunity for being online. Wouldn’t this just be a BLAST? And I think I don’t get enough sleep now! Maybe Cube will be the keynote speaker...

Thanks to the gentleman Blogger who bought all the women roses. I will look at my pink rose as it opens and remember how very much fun tonight was. My Blogger family is growing!


Blogger Jamy said...

It was a good night. Great write-up.

1:00 PM  

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