Monday, January 16, 2006

Top Been Missin's

I started to think today as life seems ready to return to normal about what it is that I have most been missing over the past few days in this weird state of isolation. Here’s my top 10:

(1) Sex (I promise never again to have a headache or be too tired...)
(2) Hugging friends and family.
(3) Petting my dogs.
(4) Getting a massage.
(5) Going through my house without thinking about avoiding things or people or dogs.
(6) Sleeping in a king-size bed.
(7) Sharing the newspaper.
(8) Reading the book I started in the hospital – A Million Little Pieces (even if it is a fraud).
(9) Being able to use any telephone in the house.
(10) Being able to use the downstairs bathroom.

The funny thing is that many of these would apply if you had a cold or another contagious disease. I guess the difference is that the consequences of contracting radiation seem so nebulous, so what does this really mean anyway?

The doctor said I could return to work tomorrow, so I suppose that just about does it...


Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Everytime I go through a drought, I regret every time I ever turned down sex because I was tired or lazy...haha.

8:23 PM  

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