Monday, August 07, 2006

Staying on Top of the HHD Power Curve

I think I finally have an appreciation for all the tasks and outstanding issues associated with being a co-chair of the Temple Micah High Holy Days. It has taken me several months to sift through the two-inch stack of historical documents related to this job I signed on to do.

I have turned what I learned into a new pared down notebook and a table of nearly 200 items, including everything that must be moved, purchased, or rented and every task that must be done. This ranges from purchasing additional parking cones to moving the Kiddush cup to the proper place in the Church to conducting appropriate sound checks to identifying a doctor to be on call to configuring and restoring the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church, where we hold services. I can sort this table in a variety of ways: by date, by person responsible and date within, by items with outstanding questions, etc.

I have moved a lot of the necessary communication into the website. Members can volunteer to help on particular committees online. Committee chairs can learn who has volunteered by consulting an online report. Additional reports reflect ticket, childcare, and handicap parking requests. Fortunately I live with the webmaster, so I can influence how the website supports my coordination of the High Holy Day activities.

Only now do I feel like I have this job under control. It’s absolutely enormous, but with the assistance of everyone who has signed on to help, we will be ready for Rosh Hashanah, when it arrives on September 22. And if we’re not ready, it will happen anyway as it has for 5767 years.


Blogger Old Lady said...

We only have one temple in our downtown area, the other two are on the southside. When ever the downtown temple, Mickve Isreal is being renovated they use the methodist church across the street.

It is a very old temple, I think 200 years old. It's Rabbi holds a day long Jewish education class for anyone with questions, once a year. I must go to the next one

1:00 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Very impressive but then I would expect no less!

Would be happy to volunteer for something although am not in the Congregation. Just let me know.

(I'm a good schlepper & also great with the computer.)


6:46 PM  
Blogger Mother of Invention said...

I know nothing about this but can see you've undertaken a huge job...and I'm envious that you live with a webmaster! My husband knows nothing about computers and doesn't really wish to! HA!

7:17 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

OL -- The synagogues in Savannah and Charleston are among the oldest in the country I believe. I would love to visit your 200-year-old temple. You could send me a picture if you have a digital camera.

Kate -- Thanks for your kind offer. I will keep it in mind as I slowly go crazy over the next several weeks.

MOI -- I live with a jack of many trades, who specializes in technology. There is not much that he can't figure out how to do and for the most part he is not openly appalled at how little I know!

9:55 PM  

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