Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Reacquainted with Rome

It was sunny above the clouds, but as we landed in Rome the sun gave way to rain and the weather prognosticator was vindicated.

(Pictures to be added when technical difficulties are resolved.)

The first stop in any foreign country for us seems to always be a phone store. The cheap phone we had bought in Germany, which was guaranteed to work in other countries with the change of a SIM card, did in fact not work. So now we are the proud owners of a Nokia phone that at least works in Italy.

Mouse -- The same store had a variety of Rowena irons.

While I waited for the phone transaction to conclude, I snapped pictures of rush hour traffic in Rome and umbrellaed Romans.

Walking back to our hotel, I noted that Romans were no better than Berliners at scooping their dog poop and the owner of this pile must be the size of a small horse.

After our traveling companions arrived, we headed off in the rain to the Spanish Steps in search of a restaurant someone had told them not to miss: Otello a la Concordia. This kitchen scene and the smell boded well.

Here rain-soaked travelers wait for a table.

The fettuccine with bacon and truffles was to die for.

I’m resigned to the fact that it will be a while before we see the sun.


Blogger GEWELS said...

I'm sure if Donatella Versace designed pooper scoopers Rome would be a much cleaner city.

Ah Rome, My Mother's hometown. You gotta love it rain and all. Did you shop along the via's near the Spanish Steps? OMG- talk about shopping....

5:27 PM  

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