Monday, September 07, 2009

Taking in the view

We simply couldn’t keep up the pace of the previous days of playing tourist in SF, so today we took a more leisurely pace. However, we determined to make the most of the last day of our little rental KIA.

After a breakfast of leftovers from yesterday’s trip, we headed off to Twin Peaks, the highest point of the city. The day was uncharacteristically clear and sunny so we had a good view in all directions.

Rachel spotted the most gorgeous hawk not far from the windy road. He seemed willing to pose for a picture.

I had to look twice when I realized there was no baby in this stroller, but rather 5 small dogs dressed in clothes. I couldn’t even begin to guess why the owner had bothered to bring them up to the top of this hill.

We spent the next several hours with one of us shopping for clothes in practical places like Old Navy and Loehmann’s and the other sitting in a coffee shop reading Atlas Shrugged.

Then a late lunch in a local taqueria, of which there are plenty to choose. And a trip to Mike’s Monkey, a small used furniture store, where my daughter acquired a chest of drawers to replace the Ikea particle board one that was falling apart. A little extra money and they even delivered it to her house up the two long flights of stairs.

Then the car went back to Hertz and we took the bus home and walked the 8 blocks to her house. Tonight we’ll stir up some vegetables and stay close to home so she can do some reading for her microbiology class and I can think about leaving tomorrow night.


Blogger Kristin said...

It looks like a wonderful day. What great weather!

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You scored big-time in the weather dep't! The gods were smiling, all the way around. So glad your trip went so well. I hope your journey home is smooth, and that it feels good to be home once you get there.



10:51 PM  

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